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H2O WARRIORS , Naples Fl summer camp and weekend Beach camp
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The H2O Warriors Weekend beach Camp Is designed to give working parents a few hours free Saturdays and Sundays to have a rest or do their errands . It is also designed to help kids get out of their house and spend time outside in the fresh air learning how to paddle board  / surf and kayaking and have fun doing it .

The children will Make new friends , explore the environment around them and learn how to take care of our beautiful oceans and the animals that live there. Whether the children are paddling , playing on the beach or exploring our ocean , or becoming part of a camp family, they are creating memories that will last for a lifetime.


Camp Activities 

Weekend camp Saturday and Sundays / 9AM TO 12 NOON
Capacity 15 kid's , ages from 8 to 13
One weekend Beach Camp $80
Requirements : Children must know how to swim.


Sitting on a kayak paddling is fun and is good for you , while learning proper paddling technics you are getting an upper torso work out  and in  double kayak children learn team work

Paddle Boarding ( SUP )

Not only is paddle boarding fun but it's actually good for you ( don't tell the kids ). The children are learning balance, stance and proper paddling technique, at the same time it is great exercise for the whole body so you are getting a good workout while having fun. Sometimes we get some marine animals trying to join in the fun so don't be surprised  if you are paddling alongside a dolphin because they seem to love paddle boards , we also see other marine life.

More activities 

Depend on weather conditions , we have difference  activities.
surf - Soccer - volleyball - Shelling - Boogie boarding - Snorkeling , 


Our Team

We are a Family of water sport enthusiasts and a family water sports operated company

Enrique E Gianello

Pro water sports instructor
Enrique is known as a waterman which is a saying about people who pretty much do everything in water sports, also a certified instructor in kiteboarding/windsurfing and paddle boarding, the company is also licensed and insured, 

Kelly s Dobbs

Water sport business owner
If you Go around Naples beaches , Kelly is known as the paddle board girl , For the last 10 years Kelly has been delivering boards and teaching folks how to paddle

Jan L Gianello

Pro Athlete - Kiteboarding instructor
Jan is the son of the owners who has been paddling boarding and kite boarding since he was 10 years old , has not one the title of water man yet but give him a few years he is still very young, he is a pro kite boarder who has been all over the world supporting different brands

If you are interested in bringing your kids to the weekend beach camp please send your information , this camp is year around every weekend , please let us know which weekend you want to sign up for .camp space is limited

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I am so honored to be in the children's book
Tuckey The Nantucket Whale, it is so awesome, thank you so much, Robert Cameron, the book is really amazing and hopefully, we will have some future little kiteboarders,

you can buy this children's book on Amazon ( Tuckey The Nantucket Whale )by Tuckey The Nantucket Whale Enterprises

Thank you